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How did I start writing Letters from Santa and the Easter Bunny?

It's the old story of a funny thing happened on the way to life.  I started with a small gift basket business, (hence the DBA name G & T Gift Baskets), filling them with products from other small businesses, rather than the big conglomerates.  I wanted to do something different. I have so sense of the visual, so they didn't look as attractive as I would have liked, even though the quality of the products, hand picked by me, was outstanding.

 I voraciously read every free email newsletter for small businesses I could get my hands on, and came across the idea of writing Santa Letters as a means of marketing, and drawing attention to, my main business, which was floundering.

In short, the baskets didn't sell, but the letters did.  Besides, I've always been a writer deep inside, and writing the letters from Santa reawakened the childhood passion I let outside forces convince me was irrational.  I gave the gift baskets all away one Christmas as presents, and focused on the letters

The magic I try to share with every letter-- because every kid needs to believe, and not just in Santa, but most importantly in themselves-- boomeranged back at me.  Writing these wonderful letters has taught me to believe again in myself.

The letters have been the carriers of my own dreams, because I started writing seriously again ( I have a Master's in English Lit), and even did the unthinkable-- I wrote my first novel.  I'm now in the process of polishing several and hope to soon see them published!

And I've won several writing contests, with short stories as well as with my novel manuscripts and even a picture book manuscript. (You can find out more about my "other writing life" as a freelance writer at www.donnaturello.com.)

So you see, words truly are the carriers of dreams . . .

About me

Donna L. Turello earned her Master's degree in English Lit. In addition to writing fully personalized letters as owner of An Enchanted Letter TM, she is a freelance writer, and is pursuing a career writing mainstream, romance, and children's novels.                                   

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